The Word Combination Card
The Word Combination Card

The Word Combination Card

A Writer's Reference



12 Pages, 4.125 x 8.5

Sheet map, folded, $12.95 (US $12.95) (CA $16.95)

Publication Date: January 2012

ISBN 9780979169977

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The Word Combination Card helps students develop fluency, precision, and clarity in their academic writing. This unique resource features a full-color visual breakdown of essential academic sentence patterns, including those for cause-effect, comparison-contrast, exemplification, reporting information, topic sentences/thesis statements, and more. In addition, the Card includes an easy-to-follow guide to high-frequency collocations and a presentation of preposition use in academic contexts. A free downloadable Student Workbook is also available for Word Combination Card at

Author Biography

Mark Alves, Ph.D., who co-authored The Word Combination Card with Michael C. Berman and Ray Gonzales, is a professor at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland, where he has primarily taught college ESL (and Intro to Linguistics and Chinese) since 2001. He has also taught master’s-level TESOL courses and has written about TESOL writing at the college level. Outside the U.S., he has taught TEFL and linguistics in Vietnam, Taiwan, and Macau. He has also co-authored The Grammar You Need series, published by Pro Lingua.