Writing with Clarity and Accuracy
Writing with Clarity and Accuracy

Writing with Clarity and Accuracy

The Grammar You Need, Level 3


The Grammar You Need


12 Pages, 4.125 x 8.5

Sheet map, folded, $12.95 (US $12.95) (CA $16.95)

Publication Date: January 2017

ISBN 9780990874515

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The Grammar You Need series (three levels) covers essential grammar for the purpose of writing in English in an academic setting. Each fold-out card provides clear, full-color visuals showing how the grammar structures work and how to apply them. Students can download free workbooks from ProLinguaLearning.com and can also take advantage of the powerful web application for this series at TheGrammarYouNeed.com.

Level 3 of the series, Writing with Clarity and Accuracy, develops students' skills in developing descriptions and explanations, making nouns specific and clear, creating clear flow in writing, citing sources, and expressing facts, viewpoints, predictions, and imagined situations, and more.

Author Biography

Mark Alves, Ph.D., lead author for The Grammar You Need Level 3, is a professor at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland where he has primarily taught college ESL (and Intro to Linguistics and Chinese) since 2001. He has also taught master’s-level TESOL courses and has written about TESOL writing at the college level. Outside the U.S., he has taught TEFL and linguistics in Vietnam, Taiwan, and Macau. He has also co-authored the Word Combination Card, published by Pro Lingua Learning.