A Different Home
A Different Home

A Different Home

Cuban Americans: A Story Based on Real History

By Tana Reiff, Illustrated by Tyler Stiene


Hopes and Dreams


80 Pages, 5.375 x 8.375

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $13.50 (US $13.50) (CA $17.95)

Publication Date: March 2017

ISBN 9780866474337

Price: $13.50


This 80-page easy-to-understand reader is one of 12 historical novels in the Hopes and Dreams series, whose diverse and fascinating characters, regardless of their ethnicity, face prejudice, danger, hardships, and setbacks, but survive with perseverance, a little bit of luck ,and a generous amount of love in their new home in the US. Downloadable audio recordings of all 12 novels and free supplementary materials for teachers are available (visit ProLinguaLearning.com for more details).

Plot Summary for A Different Home:In 1962 Mario Perez’ parents sent him alone to work in the United States. He had been helping them run their sugar business after it was taken over by the Castro government. Mario arrived in Miami with a few clothes and little money. He got a job in a grocery store while he studied English. The Cuban Refugee Center found him a job in a bank, but not in Miami. He moved to Cleveland, Ohio and helped the bank work with Spanish-speaking customers. He did well. He became a citizen, married, had two daughters, and was elected to the school board. Then after 20 years, his parents were able to leave Cuba. He went back to Miami and hired a boat.


"The Hopes and Dreams series is highly recommended... as an excellent example of controlled vocabulary with a low-Lexile level and a glossary, relevant content about immigration, and engaging storytelling by the author, Tana Reiff." - Helaine W. Marshall, PhD, 

Author Biography

Tana Reiff, author of the Hopes and Dreams series holds a B.S. degree in elementary education and a master’s in secondary English with a concentration in applied linguistics. She has taught adult basic education, ESL, and college-level linguistics, and worked in multimedia communications for the Pennsylvania Department of Education. She is the author of dozens of hi-lo books (high interest, low reading level) for readers of all ages.