Pro Lingua Learning: Advanced (CEFR: C1)

The American English Pronunciation Card
The American English Pronunciation Card >
By Michael Berman
Price 12.95
Business Communication Strategies
Business Communication Strategies >
By Scott Smith
Price 37.50
Clue by Clue
Clue by Clue >
By Walton Burns
Price 22.00
Conversation Inspirations
Conversation Inspirations >
By Nancy Ellen Zelman
Price 28.00
Cultural Differences
Cultural Differences >
By David Kehe, By Peggy Dustin Kehe
Price 34.00
The Dice Book
The Dice Book >
By Kevin McCaughey
Price 28.00
Do As I Say
Do As I Say >
By Thomas Winters, By Raymond C Clark, By Gayle Nelson
Price 16.00
Dictations for Discussion
Dictations for Discussion >
By Judy DeFilippo, By Catherine Sadow
Price 34.00
Dictation Riddles
Dictation Riddles >
By Jane Gragg Lewis
Price 24.00
Discussion Strategies
Discussion Strategies >
By David Kehe, By Peggy Dustin Kehe
Price 29.50
The ESL Miscellany
The ESL Miscellany >
By Patrick Moran, By Raymond C Clark, By Arthur Burrows
Price 49.00
Faces >
By Patrick Moran
Price 20.00
Getting a Fix on Vocabulary
Getting a Fix on Vocabulary >
By Janie L. Duncan, By Raymond C Clark
Price 25.00
Go Fish
Go Fish >
By Shawn Halvas
Price 15.00
Got It!
Got It! >
By Phyllis Gardner
Price 21.50
Grammar Practice
Grammar Practice >
By Martin Jacobi
Price 33.00
The Grammar Review Book
The Grammar Review Book >
By Peggy Dustin Kehe, By David Kehe
Price 26.00
The Great Big Bingo Book
The Great Big Bingo Book >
By Ann Berry, By Nina Ito
Price 23.50
The Idiom Book
The Idiom Book >
With Elizabeth Niergarth, By Hal Niergarth
Price 32.00
Index Card Games for Spanish
Index Card Games for Spanish >
By Jackie Blencowe
Price 11.00
In My Opinion
In My Opinion >
By Phil Keegan
Price 24.50
Lexicarry >
By Patarick R Moran
Price 26.00
Match It!
Match It! >
By Sharon Elwell, By Raymond C Clark
Price 21.50
The Modal Book
The Modal Book >
By Lisa Tenuta, By Joseph Krupp
Price 21.00
Money >
By Raymond C Clark
Price 21.50
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom >
By Mary Romney, By Raouf Mama
Price 14.50
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom >
By Raouf Mama, By Mary Romney
Price 17.50
A Phrasal Verb Affair
A Phrasal Verb Affair >
By Keith Kohnhorst
Price 29.95
Pronunciation Practice
Pronunciation Practice >
By Carol Burrill
Price 28.00
TalkAbouts >
By Raymond C Clark, Illustrated by Oscar Mesa
Price 21.50
Talk and Write!
Talk and Write! >
By Gail Schafers, By Janet Morey
Price 21.50
Thinking Deeper
Thinking Deeper >
By John Spiri
Price 28.00
This World of Ours
This World of Ours >
By Stanley Frank
Price 14.00
Verdicts >
By Jack Miller, By Raymond C. Clark
Price 28.00
We the People
We the People >
By Raymond C Clark
Price 21.50
What’s Ahead?
What’s Ahead? >
By Ruth Ticktin, By Barbara Emilio
Price 21.50
The Zodiac
The Zodiac >
By Mary Riddle Moore
Price 21.50