Getting a Fix on Vocabulary
Getting a Fix on Vocabulary

Getting a Fix on Vocabulary

Understanding and Using Prefixes, Suffixes, Bases, and Compounds



120 Pages, 8.5 x 11

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $25.00 (US $25.00) (CA $34.00)

Publication Date: March 2009

ISBN 9780866472708

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The primary purpose of Getting a Fix on Vocabulary is to increase English learners' awareness of the morphology of English – bases, affixation, and compounding – and to help them develop their skill in word analysis. Secondly, an increased awareness of affixes and bases can facilitate vocabulary expansion by helping students see connections among various forms, e.g., contain, maintain, retain, unretained, detainable, detention. In this way, learning one word can lead to learning a bundle of words. Thirdly, this text will also help develop spelling and pronunciation skills by identifying patterns that occur when bases and affixes are combined, e.g., explode, explosion. A fourth purpose is to increase the learners' vocabulary. We have provided fictitious, "generic" news stories for reading practice at the end of each lesson. A similar version of the "newspaper" story is also available on the downloadable audio as a "radio news broadcast" (visit Although the primary purpose of these stories is to showcase selected bases, affixes, and compounds, the learners will also develop their knowledge of words and phrases that are commonly used in the media. Topics include pandemics, climate change, saving the wilderness, and international baseball.

Author Biography

Ray Clark, co-author of Getting a Fix on Vocabulary, was on the staff of the School for International Training in Vermont, USA for over 30 years as a teacher trainer for Peace Corps programs in Iran, India, and Korea, as an ESL teacher, as the director of SIT's intensive English program, as a faculty member and director of the MATESL Program, and as teacher-Director of ESP programs in Islamabad, and Istanbul. He has also done teacher training for Marlboro College and Southern New Hampshire University's MATESL program in Hanoi, Vietnam.