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Publication Date: January 2015

ISBN 9780866473712


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A one-of-a-kind picture dictionary, Lexicarry offers a fun, active, conversational approach to language learning. It is a book of wordless pictures designed to help learners build vocabulary and conversation skills in any second language using the American English word list in the book, a bilingual dictionary, one of the Lexicarry word lists, and/or someone who knows the language. There are 13 foreign language word lists available at ProLinguaLearning.com to use with this book for learners of languages other than English.

The book has 142 pages of full-color drawings illustrating functional language and vocabulary in 190 situational and topical contexts. This amounts to over 4500 everyday words and expressions. The pictures make conversation and interactive learning easy.

Although learners can use Lexicarry working on their own, they learn best by discussing the objects, places, and activities in the drawings, working together in pairs, as a class, or with a tutor or native speakers. The illustrations are not labeled, and this naturally challenges and excites students' imaginations and helps them retain the language.

There are seven sections to the book: 1) Functions, 2) Sequences of Actions, 3) Related Actions, 4) Operations, 5) Topics (vocabulary items related to one theme), 6) Places (scenes/ rooms and the things we find and do there), and 7) Proverbs and Sayings.

Author Biography

Patrick Moran has worked with second language teachers worldwide in a variety of contexts, including Peace Corps training, refugee resettlement training, cultural exchange orientation, and graduate degree studies at the SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, VT, USA. He is the creator of Lexicarry: Pictures for Learning Languages and Faces: Characters in Search of Authors.