Plays for the Holidays
Plays for the Holidays

Plays for the Holidays



140 Pages, 8.5 x 11

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $17.50 (US $17.50) (CA $23.99)

Publication Date: March 2003

ISBN 9780866471688

Price: $17.50


This book of plays helps students understand, explore, and take part in American Holidays. There are 13 holiday plays in the book with pre-play activities to enrich the experience. Holidays include Independence Day, New Year’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and seven others. Each unit follows the same format: - An Introduction to the contemporary practices of the holiday - A Dictation (students listen and write as they prepare for the play) - An Introduction to the contemporary practices of the holiday - A Background Reading that provides more information about the play and an opportunity for students to practice reading comprehension skills - A Pronunciation section that prepares students for words and phrases which will appear in the play and may be new to them - A Matching exercise which helps students understand the meaning and use of the words they have pronounced and some of the words they will encounter in the play - An Illustrated Poster that helps the students anticipate the play and be better prepared to deal with it as they go through the script for the first time - The Playbill (students use it to decide who will have which parts in the play) - The Play (students read through it several times until they are familiar enough to do the presentation of the actual play)

Author Biography

Ray Clark, co-author (with Anne Siebert) of Plays for the Holidays, was on the staff of the School for International Training in Vermont, USA for over 30 years as a teacher trainer for Peace Corps programs in Iran, India, and Korea, as an ESL teacher, as the director of SIT's intensive English program, as a faculty member and director of the MATESL Program, and as teacher-Director of ESP programs in Islamabad, and Istanbul. He has also done teacher training for Marlboro College and Southern New Hampshire University's MATESL program in Hanoi, Vietnam. He has authored over a dozen books for Pro Lingua Learning.